The word Femimore has become identified with a sexy feminine body having sensual enhanced curves at the right places. A perky booty, intensive curvaceous hips and a small waist, the so called "hourglass shape" or "hourglass figure" boasts femininity and sensuality in the eyes of most.

That is what now has become popularly known as a Femimore Body. Women of all ages have learned that some areas of the body can be truly reshaped to a large extent  without surgery or a lost shape can be regained. The middle area is possibly one of the most important and visible areas of the female body where a Femimore shape is a must.

There are three main reasons why Femimore is unique:

  • It is the only non surgical reshape method approved by Aesthetic Clinics.
  • It is an integrated treatment backed by a BioMedical Division and real Doctors.
  • The results are FANTASTIC!.
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