Femimore® Truth and Myth

What is said about Femimore

When you read online about Femimore, you find two clearly defined groups: those who after trying recommend it and those who having never tried it provide negative opinion. Of course that here and there you can find someone who claims to have used Femimore with poor results, however, when a true user ask them details about the treatment they fail to prove that they know the treatment at all. Something is however very clear when you read all those comments, the positive ones are not only positive but reflect true hapiness and desire to share something wonderful that changed their lives in one way or other. This makes it easy to recognize who is who and what is what.

Who says it and Why is said


Femimore results

Since Femimore introduction in the market in 1991 in Brazil and Japan followed by other countries  after 2001, those who made it part of their lives started to comment its positive effects in forums, chat rooms and blogs. As usual, many who did not try it but believed to know all about science, medicine and the aesthetic medicine world, even if not qualified professionally, offered free advice and opinion on the impossibility of Femimore existence. Nevertheless, the success of the new reshaping method was established through its results and soon users from several countries were sending thankful letters to Amazonas BioTech.

Proving the success of the Femimore concept, copycats and home based entrepreneurs mushroomed online starting an abundant quantity of sites and eBay listings trying to convince candid women to buy "butt enhancement pills", "booty pills", "curvaceous body pills", "big butt pills", "big booty pills", "butt enhancement plan" and similar items of more than dubious origin.

Some have been exposed after using copyrighted material from the Femimore Guide for Users  and from other copyrighted sources for "creating" e-books and "systems", others reached the level of scandal when they were exposed to be youngsters posing as "entrepreneurs" who were re-labeling wholesale purchased supplement pills with no efficiency value and making big sales in eBay and their own sites. Many negative comments on Femimore can be easily traced to those shadowy characters or instant-born entrepeneurs.

Adding to the fog casted over Femimore efficiency, cosmetic surgeons in some countries opted for the strategy "I don't see so I don't fear" and denied the very existence of Femimore even when their colleagues in other countries started to purchase it for complementing Reshape Treatments when surgery is not desired. Surely there are always those doctors who don't keep updated with times and still deny that a treatment as Femimore can exist. Weel, there are also doctors who still don't know about many efficient procedures as well, that is not strange and the fault is not in the advanced procedures but in the lack of updating by the doctor himself. Medicine is a profession as any other, there are good professionals and bad professionals, there are those who care to keep updated and those too comfortable to do that.

The trademark Femimore has also been abused by shady characters, without authorization and in violation of the Trademark Cyber Piracy Protection Act,  for purchasing domains, paying search engine sponsored ads and hijacking internet traffic carrying candid users to fraudulent sites where they were provided deceiving information about Femimore and were manipulated into buying useless pills or pirated e-books. Myths were created and hearsay became rampant.

Fortunately, the image and success of Femimore overcame all of the above issues through careful, true and transparent informative advice in the daily contact with legitimate Clinics, Doctors and Femimore users, as well as the most important: the efficient results shown in 97,3% of Femimore users.

Today Femimore is no longer doubted about. Unfortunately its concept is largely predated by simpler and largely ineffective products under various names. But for those who could clearly see the differences and took the step to trust their reshaping into the professional hands of the scientists and doctors at Amazonas BioTechnical Laboratories , their lives took a jump at front and their bodies now reflect how they always wanted to look like. We receive every year quantities of thankful messages from Femimore users, and this makes us happy to be here improving lives.